• We are now accepting new grooming clients.  

  • Please phone us to learn our prices

  • All grooming is by appointment​​

Pet Boarding
  • Boarding:  ​

    • Individualized care to your specification will be provided​

    • Our policy is to not co-mingle dogs from different households to avoid potential injury.  There are exceptions however only with owner consent.

    • Each dog is given ample exercise time outside while the weather is permitting

    • Our guest quarters are climate controlled with central air and central heat

    • We have kuranda beds to provide extra comfort for your pet's stay

    • Full kitchen is available for preparation and storage of pet's food

    • Darcy's nursing background has proven to be very helpful in the administration of your pet's veterinary perscribed medictions.  This includes injectibles as well

All Hours by appointment


376 Washington College Road, Limestone, TN